Monday, May 16, 2005

Let's start with a poem...

When I was in college (first Colorado State, then Auburn), whenever my friends/roommates/neighbors/onlookers would first move into a place, we'd play The Doors' "The End."

In thinking how to begin this blog, I'm going for something a bit less obviously ironic, perhaps even uplifting (or as the poet Mary Oliver might say, "happy"). So...

This is from my first book of poetry, Riverfall, published by Ireland's Salmon Poetry about ten days ago:

Indigo Bunting

This is music, he said,
and his voice climbed
the thin ladder of air

like a cat chases moths,
tumbled like
the river desperate

in flood—his chest filling
with the thick
liquid of song. This

is music: not so much
the silver-chorded calls
or the silent intervals

of indigo flash
between yellowgreen limbs,
but the complete cessation:

the wind, the river, the earth’s
core groaning
among its fiery teeth

to hear this simple song.

More information (and book sales too, of course!) at More about me? Well, that's probably coming soon, in one way or another.

Thanks for having me,



Matthew Thorburn said...

Hi Simmons,
Welcome to Blogland! I enjoyed reading your poem -- looking forward to more....

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Thanks Matthew!