Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Survey of Online Poetry

I'm really excited about the opportunity to lead a poetry workshop this fall or next spring as part of the UA Poetry Center's workshop series. The workshop is titled "Writing the Infosphere: Poetry, the Web, and You," with six sessions that are 2.5 hours each. It will explore the following questions:
  • Is the infosphere---the universe of electronic information---poetry's final frontier?
  • What poetry resources, media, and venues exist online?
  • How can I get my [my being the collective your] poetry published in a virtual (and visceral) publication?

We'll begin by reviewing the results of a new survey of 'online' poets: what they look for, what they recommend, their concerns and complements. Each session will then introduce a new resource or format for poetry on the web---from literary e-zines to poetry portals, multimedia poetry cafes to discussion forums, blogs to virtual broadsheets, and more. At least two speakers---editors of local e-zines [who still have to be determined]---will share their experience. The workshop will culminate in a collection of three to five of your poems---crafted through unique exercises, supplemented by peer critique, during each class---that we'll post online.

So how we begin is where I need your help, and the real subject of this post: Are you a writer of poems, published or otherwise? If so, please help out by taking the online poetry survey at:


In addition to helping with the class, if there are enough responses (and there are about 25 so far; I'd like 100), I'll craft the summary into an article in the hopes of placing that in a writing publication (print or online). Include your email with your survey response and I'll send you the results.

So if you've read this far, your next logical move is to take the survey!



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carrol said...

I think this is really a good idea, doing poetry surveys and all. Even i am crazy for poems and I do create my own. This onlineworkshops is also a great thing for the poets, and the information you provided is really helpful and i believe that people will go through it surely.

Carrol Spencer

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