Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Anyone know what happened to...

The Zuzu's Petals Literary Resources? Everytime I've gone there in the last few months (or more)--- get a "Forbidden" error. Sounds enticing in its Eden-like allusion (is that a word?), but I fear dire consequences for this great 'ol (in web years, anyway) gal.


Just received a copy of Dan Chiras' new book EcoKids: Raising Children Who Care for the Earth, in which yours truly is quoted (pages 29 and 93-94, but who's counting?!).

My input is based on a survey Dan conducted many moons ago. I had forgotten about the survey until receiving the book. Much has happened since then, most significantly my mother passing away last September. As I read through the passages where the book mentions her, from my responses on the survey---either direct or indirect quotes---I am honored that the references to my mother have been included, and moved when I recall just how much of a powerful influence she was on me and my environmental ethics, and how we in turn parent our children. It is a tribute to her, certainly.

Hopefully we'll excerpt the book in the next issue of, which comes out in September.


Speaking of, we're still accepting poetry for our upcoming "Metropolitan Mosaic" issue. Consider submitting: It promises to be another outstanding issue, and it does get a lot of visibility---about 200,000 visits (that's serious time spent on the site, not individual "hits") every issue.



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