Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Nourishment, by Anne Le Marquand Hartigan.Yesterday I received Nourishment, by Anne Le Marquand Hartigan, published by Ireland's Salmon Publishing (yup, the same press as published Riverfall). I've only just begun reading the collection of 52 mostly short poems, but if the leading piece is any indication, this will be an outstanding book:


Pressed Down and Running Over

Here, take this

scatter of poems before you
an attempt at      country,   the need
of grassbank,       branch and silence,

always meeting in cities
a shroud of car-roar        this
is a frail attempt at petals,

libations to the Gods, those fellows —
who approve waste in their worship,
flowers, wine, candles, incense. Body.

The full abandon.


I'll keep you posted.



Pearl said...

love the line
frail attempt at petals,
raised my goosebumps

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Yes, I'm really enjoying the book. Still not all the way through it, mostly because I'm reading about a dozen poetry books at once, and what I read at any given time depends on my mood more than anything else.