Monday, June 27, 2005

Poems by My Daughter

At my reading in the Civano community last night, my seven-year-old daughter read these poems to a delighted audience. She even gave a little background for some of them. She was simply wonderful!


The Man

The man rides
but I don't.
The man runs
but I do not.
The man loves
and I do too!


As a python slithers,
I weep of the past.
Of death--my whole family
has it but me.
Soon I think it will creep
upon me.
Soon it haunts me.


and Would.
Wonder is a piece of curiosity.
Wish is a piece of hope.
Why and would are a peace
of question.
All of them are cool
but I say they all start with

Sun and Moon

As the sun boils like a red eye burning
light at you. And after morning
lunch and dinner.
And the moon lights like
the sun but the moon shines
bright white and bats fly across.


Good showing last night: I think about 40 or 45 people which is as much as we ever get for the Civano Speakers Series. At the last moment Cody Robertson, a resident cellist, decided he'd play as folks came in, and that was just outstanding. I think the slideshow background went well, too.

My next reading is August 5 at the UA Poetry Center with poet Annie Guthrie, who lives in Tucson half the year and Italy the other half. It should be a good juxtaposition between our poetry. No slideshow background on that one, and my daughter won't be able to make it, either. Annie arrives from Italy just the day before the reading, so hopefully the effects of jetlag won't be too harsh!

At the reading I have at Reader's Oasis bookstore on October 14, I'll do the slideshow with the reading again.


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