Friday, June 17, 2005

Uncle Walt Would

I do believe Uncle Walt Whitman himself would be proud of Seth Abramson's "Too Much Information" essay, which stemmed in part from the "Things You Don't Know About Me" round of postings by poetry bloggers over the last few days. I just tuned into Seth's blog today, and am very glad I did.

Ah, is there anything cooler, really, than the vastness of the Internet? Except maybe for the vastness of the hard world around us, or at least, I suppose, the viscious sharpness of the cholla cactus growing along our back wall---the one my wife insists I take out but which I prefer to leave not because I fear many puncture wounds if I try to dig it up (though I do) but because I love its pure determination, its radiant greenness against the flat brown wall?

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