Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A Not So Major Announcement

My wife just called to tell me she has a big announcement....

Wendy's now offers the option of Butterfingers or M&Ms in your Frosty.


In other news, after all that I wrote below, I have decided to opt out of the Natural Selection class. I simply need more of a workshop setting---with the goal of writing and finalizing poems (and writing and finalizing animal poems is even more enticing). I suppose the only question remaining there is whether I can get a partial refund or even a credit toward another workshop, or whether I'll otherwise write it off as a tax donation.


I got a very nice note the other day from poet Deborah Fries, author of 2004's Various Modes of Departure (Kore Press) and a contributor to in both the poetry and essay categories from issues past. She purchased a copy of Riverfall and provided some good feedback. She sent along her list of favorite poems from the book, which was interesting to see and I think an approach I will borrow from her when (informally, anyway) commenting on others' poetry books. (For example, I recently received Cynthia Huntington's The Radiant---the title is definitely no lie!---and am awaiting Paul Guest's The Resurrection of the Body and the Ruin of the World---both book swaps; I'll let them know my favorites from their books.)

Two of Deborah's favorite poems from Riverfall are two that almost didn't make it in: "Running the Rio Negro" and "The Cloud Drifters." She definitely favored the poems of the East, and of coastlines and travels, over the poems of the West and of aridity and American Indian mythos.

Tonight or tomorrow I'll post one of my favorites from her book, so stay tuned.

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