Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Another Indy Going, Going, Gone

Yet another treasured independent bookstore is closing its doors: Reader's Oasis in Tucson---my favorite local, independent bookstore---is closing as of October 22.

I'm sad not only because of the excellent selection of books from local and Southwestern authors, including poetry; and not only because of the packed events calendar full of readings (including my own, originally scheduled for October 14 and now, alas and of course, canceled); and not only because the owner, Jeff Yanc, is a great supporter of local literary arts; but also because the closing of every independent bookstore, every local restaurant, every unique corner market, is a compounding loss of Tucson's---or any location's---sense of place.

With our streets lined with Barnes & Nobles, Applebee's, Starbucks, McDonald's, how will we tell Tucson from Tacoma from Tulsa? By the one lone saguaro we save in a roundabout (yet by doing so cut off water circulation to its roots)? By a scrubby patch of pseudo desert, the original rocks replaced by obnoxiously red gravel, the creosote cut down for red flowering birds of paradise, beautiful but not native? By the new signs pointing to downtown, Centro, but directing me through block after anonymous block of big boxes and ugly strip malls that could be, and undoubtedly are, anywhere and everywhere?

Folks, where does it stop?

For Reader's Oasis, the sad truth is: It stops on October 22.


Anonymous said...

Cool blog, I have added it to my list and will check in often!

Best Wishes,
Read Faster Than Ever

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Thanks Ken!