Sunday, October 09, 2005


Finally back from nearly two weeks in Colorado, and we had an awesome time! The readings and Civano lecture all went well. Over the next week I'll post some small stories and photos, but wanted to share a couple things:

1. I brought a handful of books to read, but we did so much every day that I was just too pooped in the evening to read very much. The one book I did, thankfully, get to read is Gina Franco's The Keepsake Storm. Gina, that is an absolutely outstanding collection. Thank you!

2. I checked email during the trip, sometimes, and found this gem from the publisher of my book Riverfall:

Here's the first mention of Riverfall over here. The magazine is the widely-distributed, and widely-read, Books Ireland. It's the trade magazine of Irish publishing and is used by libraries for ordering books, rather like Booklist in the States.

While this isn't a review (it's from the editor's listing of new books), it's a very, very good mention. This editor can be hard on non-Irish poets. I'd say he liked it well enough to send it out for review.

"Collection from American editor of - a journal of the built & natural environments - reflecting the poet's interest in such matters. Poems encompass both real and imagined geography taking in letters of Charles Darwin along the way. A bold collection embracing intriguing ideas and finding new views on established themes as in the line 'Good fences make dead neighbours'."

3. Tough year to not be on friendly terms with Mother Nature, it appears. GWB and Administration, are you paying attention? Thoughts, prayers, and condolences....

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