Friday, December 16, 2005


It looks like vandalism, but it is not. Yesterday morning, after battling for months with an uncurable disease--its interior rotting long before its foot showed the slow coming of its death--the regal saguaro in our front yard, the lone sentinal that bloomed profusely only six months ago, fell.

Fallen saguaro.
The eight-foot saguaro, fallen.

Fallen saguaro.
Another view, toward our front porch.

Saguaro top.
The top of the saguaro now rests near the front walk.

Saguaro bottom, rotten.
On its exterior, the saguaro's death quickly moved upward from its base. Here, more than two feet of decaying saguaro. The external decay only began in September. It may have been rotting on the inside for months or even years.

A hummingbird stops for a drink on a chuparosa half-crushed by the fallen saguaro.


I find myself quite sad about our fallen friend, who has been with us for five years, and was probably more than sixty years old.

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Eduardo C. Corral said...

I really hate to see a saguaro die. Poor thing! Is there a saguaro heaven?