Monday, January 02, 2006

War Eagle!

Brewing up some red beans and rice this morning in prep for the Capital One Bowl in nary an hour, when the Wisconsin Badgers take on my beloved Auburn Tigers. A neighborhood Wisconsin fan is bringing brats. Auburn's favored by 11; let's hope they win by more!

Saw Crash last night. Wow, what a powerful movie; a lot like Syriana in how it weaves seemingly disparate stories together. Both in my top five of the year, for what that's worth.

Poetry, you ask? Getting ready to send off a series of submissions for the first time in five or six months. Just a question of getting time together and honing in.

And a reminder: The submission deadline for A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments at is February 1 for our March 5 issue---No. 18, "Garden Gate." We are still accepting poetry, essays, fiction, and articles. Check out the submission guidelines at

Happy new year!

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Jana said...

Hello! Compliments from a fellow Auburn English graduate. I would say I am a writer, but I have been too busy or too lazy (depending on your viewpoint) to submit recently. I enjoyed your blog...I only wish the Capital One Bowl had concluded differently, as I am sure you do as well! Hope you enjoyed the red beans and rice anyway.

War Eagle!!