Monday, February 20, 2006

Ben's Bells

The Ben's Bells Project is a Tucson-based non-profit organization that "empowers each of us in creating community, inspiring hope, and spreading joy, simply by being kind." It came about after Ben Packard died just short of his third birrthday. The bells are handmade ceramic pieces made by members of the community---by the time each bell is assembled, at least ten different people have worked on it. Ben's Bells are not for sale. Twice a year, hundreds of Ben's Bells are hung randomly in public places arond the Tucson community and beyond. The only way to get a Ben's Bell is to find one or to be "Belled."

Sunday, I had the welcome opportunity to travel with my daughters' Girl Scouts troop to participate in creating and painting ceramic beads used in the bells. While the girls created, I photographed:

Girl Scouts at Ben's Bells Project.

A colorful and meaningful way to spend a mild winter Sunday afternoon.


jd said...

What a great idea. My eight year old daughter and I are coming to Tucson next weekend. Should we keep an eye out for these bells or are they found as fast as eggs at an Easter egg hunt?

Simmons B. Buntin said...

They're only placed around the community twice per year: March and September, and then snatched up right away. The Ben's Bells studio, however, is open on weekends from 10-3 and Fridays from 2-7. The studio is located off of University Avenue on Geronomo Plaza (Main Gate Square), between Euclid and Park, just west of the University of Arizona's west entrance. More info is at

Thanks for visiting this blog!


jd said...

Thanks Simmons. That is helpful. We'll stop by the studio.