Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Next Book of Poetry

No, this isn't an announcement, but rather a thought:

I have this idea for my next book of poetry. It's a collection of poems supporting the title of the book, which I already have, but which isn't named after a poem in the collection (at least, not yet). Only a few of the poems for the collection are actually written, but I have the title nonetheless. The title is solely based on the availability of a website URL, though it won't include the .com, etc. I already own the URL, but I'm not telling you the URL, and thus the title. I played baseball for a bit, after all, so I'm highly superstitious about these things.

[For example, you know the only reason the Broncos lost the AFC Championship game to the Steelers this year is because I wore an old Broncos jersey with the not-so-innocuous name of Griese lettered across its back. Said shirt is now in the give-away bag.]

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And speaking of titles, I just finished reading---nay, absorbing---Jake Adam York's debut collection, Murder Ballads. Look for a review in the upcoming issue of, which will appear on March 5 at an Internet browser near you. So I won't say more than this right now about it (and hope, of course, that I don't jinx myself since I haven't actually penned the review just yet): Murder Ballads is a tight and infatuating collection where Jake's Southern craftsmanship reigns supreme. It's like a strong, timely documentary, too, in that you want to discuss the poems after reading them because they are that important. Murder Ballads, indeed, could be the text for a college seminar, in all types of contexts.

I don't know whether Jake had the title for his book before creating the poems in the collection, though its the dead-on right title.

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