Friday, March 24, 2006

Nearly-end-of-March Madness

Somehow, for now anyway, I'm still leading the brackets in the Po Blog March Madness NCAA Basketball Tournament competition. Still, LSU beating Duke---while great for SEC fans like me---does little for my overall brackets, since I have Duke beating UConn in the championship game. Alas, alas.
Amy Adams.
Off to Baja California, Mexico, tomorrow, down to Bahia de los Angeles. Driving down with Scott Calhoun and Dan Weber, landscape designer/garden writer and hydrogeologist, respectively. Not sure what two soil-of-the-Earth kind of guys are doing with a cat like me, but it promises to be great fun. So look (or don't look, I suppose) for silence on this blog until I return, on the 30th or 31st. Then I'll post some photos, trip anecdotes, and the like.

By the way, congratulations to Jake Adam York for being named one of Denver's best prosey folks (though isn't prose and poetry separate, by definition?)!

And finally, two movies I've seen recently that I've enjoyed, but in very separate ways: V for Vendetta (great social message and dialogue, though---with the exception of a very good twist in the middle---mostly predictable) and Junebug (really funny and solemn and sad at the same time, with a fabulous acting job by Amy Adams, who apparently was born in Italy in 1975 but was raised up in Castle Rock, Colorado; and whom I now officially add to my list of most resplendent actresses, along with Liv Tyler).


jd said...

Have a wonderful trip. Sounds like fun.

shann said...

have fun!