Sunday, March 05, 2006's Issue No. 18 - Garden Gate - Now Online! A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments

Issue No. 18, Garden Gate, now live at!


This issue features a rich mix of contributions:


- Guest Editorial by Storey Publishing Editor Carleen Madigan Perkins: "Giving Up the Garden"

- Simmons B. Buntin on the fallen spirit: a downed saguaro

- Todd Ziebarth is the constant anti-gardener, and doesn't like mowers, either

- David Rothenberg on ecophilosophist Arne Naess's alpine garden

- Catherine Cunningham presents the labor of her fruit



- interviews former governor and Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt



- Poetry by Suzanne Frischkorn, Brian Swann, Melissa S. Stein, Simmons B. Buntin, Patricia Smith Ranzoni, Donna J. Gelagotis Lee, Philip Fried, and Lois Beebe Hayna

- Drum Hadley: 21 poems, with artwork by Andrew Rush, excerpted from Voice of the Borderlands



- "If You Love It... Why Nature-Loving Gardeners Should Learn to Let Go" by Flora Cordis Johnson—on the remaking of residential landscapes

- "Working Wilderness: The Malpai Borderlands Group and the Future of the Western Range," an excerpt from the new book by Nathan F. Sayre

- "Greening Up the Slackers: In Search of the Gen-X Garden" by Scott Calhoun, who asks, Where are all the young, hip gardeners?

- "The Death and Life of an American Garden" by Barnet Schecter—a community garden is lost in New York City

- "War of the Roses" by Fleda Brown, who wages war in her own way on the wild roses choking out other flora

- "The Genius of Kaaterskill Falls" by John P. O'Grady—a retelling of a local legend of love's loss

- "Experiential Layers of the City" by Bruce F. Donnelly—how to truly look at and appreciate urban places



- NorthWest Crossing in Bend, Oregon—a 486-acre, neotraditional development inspired by Bend's beloved older neighborhoods



- "Shillington Lilies" by Deborah Fries

- "Precious" by Andrew Wingfield

- "Hunter's Point" by Martin Ott

- "Chicago on the Web" by Scott Spires

- "Fish Story" by Tiel Aisha Ansari



- "Cultivating Natural and Cultural Landscapes through Conservation Subdivision Design: A Narrative Slideshow" by Randall Arendt

- "America's First Rare Plant: The Franklin Tree" by Lucy Rowland

- "Sustainability Comes to the Canadian Prairie: Lessons and Caveats from the Town of Okotoks, Alberta" by Ernest J. Yanarella

- "Butterfly Gardening with Native Plants of the Desert Southwest" by Karen Hillson



- Twelve native plant and animal photographs by Michael D. Weber



- Simmons B. Buntin reviews Murder Ballads, poems by Jake Adam York

- Todd Ziebarth reviews Imagining Eden: Connecting Landscapes, by Lyle Gomes

- staff reviews Tracking Desire: A Journey after Swallow-tailed Kites, by Susan Cerulean


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