Tuesday, April 11, 2006

And the winner is...

... for now, anyway:

2007 Honda Civic Si sedan, which won't be released until late fall but will, I think, be worth the wait:

2007 Honda Civic Si 4-door sedan concept.

The concept vehicle was unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show, and here are some of the stats:
  • High-revving, 197-hp VTEC four
  • 6-speed manual gearbox
  • Limited slip differential
  • Larger alloy wheels and low-profile tires
  • Rear wing (spoiler)
And there's a pretty good article here. Gas mileage is rated at 23/31. Price is estimated at $21,000.

I'll probably put a refundable deposit down shortly so I can be among the first to get it. And then I can consider the case closed (until the next car garners my fancy, anyway, which if you haven't guessed by now is a fairly common occurence). It'll be really fun to drive, and I must say I love both the design and the new dash.

(This afternoon on the way home from work, though, I did drive a sun fusion yellow 6-speed manual FJ Cruiser, and I must say that was really quite awesome; it was disappointing to get back into the 94 Accord LX after that!)


Greg said...

Don't do it! I had an 03 SI and it was brutally stiff on the secondary roads. Although it was unbelivably smooth on the interstate. Well, maybe it'll work better for you than me. Snow was the real issue and you won't have to deal with that one. It would get stuck in a couple of inches of the stuff. Drove me crazy, making be buy a rav-4. Which isnt bad but isnt great either. I sure miss my Civic EX. Now that was a great car.

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Snow is definitely not a concern here. If I still lived in Denver, then I'd be looking at a Subaru, or perhaps wouldn't have changed from my SUV intentions to begin with.

I wonder if the sedan version of the Si will have a slightly softer ride than the coupe, this being the first time they've done the Si in a sedan? Either way, I love the sport-tuned suspension and the six-speed manual.

So, still sticking with the Si decision (though the EX is probably my second choice). Thanks for checking in!