Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I went for a walk over the dunes again this morning

The best poem ever posted on Poetry Daily was up recently at http://www.poems.com/corsoamm.htm. It's A.R. Ammons's poem "Corsons Inlet," among the first poems I've ever had a love affair with. Still do, I see.

And that poem is clearly an inspiration for this poem of mine, which is in Riverfall and originally appeared in the poetry anthology Mercy of Tides: Poems for a Beach House:

A Gathering

Assateague’s wind-littered beach
meets me, often, on violent mornings:
early spring, the limp crucifix

of tangled skate. Or the hard autumn
freeze on fallow fields. Today
I came across a hermit,

a combination of weathered shell
and invertebrate detail. Courting
the surf’s edge, he contemplated

whelk, settled lightly
on battered carapace, and gorged.
As I approached the single

feast—intricate crab workings,
imprecise red claw and eyes—
he disappeared into undertow. As waves

like shipwrecks then crashed
in the crescendo of the scene,
minimal armies relished in their creel,

black-headed gulls were born
of drifting chicken bones, and I
turned toward my Olds

and felt the wind consume the sea.


StrawBoss said...

Hi Simmons,
Thanks for the link to your blog. Do I have your permission to link to it on my blog? I love the poetry of it, both visual and verbal.


gina said...

Simmons, keep posting your pretty pictures. I saw your post at Suzanne's place and just want to say that I look for them. They comfort me.



Simmons B. Buntin said...

Judy: Yes, of course!

Gina: Thanks much, and ditto.