Thursday, April 20, 2006 Accepting Submissions for "The Music of It All"

We're now accepting submissions for the next issue of A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments, at Issue No. 19, which will be online September 10, 2006, has the theme of "The Music of It All," and promises to be another excellent, multidisciplinary issue. It will also be the first new issue sporting the completely revamped website design that we'll implement later this summer.

Info about the theme:
There is music all around us: the notes and lyrics of human compositions, the notes and lyrics of the natural world. What is it about rhythm—cycles, waves, returnings—that helps us keep pace? When is music healthy for our landscapes? When is the music of our landscapes healthy for us? What are the songs of birds and whales and mountain tops, and why do they matter? This issue of—through columns, poetry, essays, fiction, articles, reviews, the interview, the ARTerrain gallery, the UnSprawl case study, and much more—conducts a symphonic journey for all our senses, striving to find and define the music of it all.

Submissions are due by August 1, 2006.

Submission guidelines:
Other upcoming themes:
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And, as a bit more enticement for your best submissions,—which will celebrate its 10th anniversary next year—receives more than 200,000 visits per issue; so pretty wide exposure, especially among environmental activitists, architects, urban and regional planners, economists, and the like.

Ah, but enough from me.... Go check it out for yourself!

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