Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Allure of Alamos

My project over the next few days or weeks, if possible, is to put together a trip for my family as well as the families of three of our neighbors down to Alamos, Mexico, around the new year.

Alamos is a beautiful, art-filled colonial Mexican town about eight hours south of Tucson at the southern, tropical end of the state of Sonora. It's roughly located between the Sea of Cortez (though not on the coast) and Copper Canyon (though not in mountains quite so high).

Some highlights:
  • Founded in 1681
  • Nearly 190 National Historic Monuments in the city of 30,000 people
  • A number of mansions built in the 1700s have been restored since WWII and house museums, inns, and the like
  • The surrounding area includes "estuaries alive with bird life, Mayo villages, a mining town, rivers where you can take float trips, and trails for horseback riding"
  • Also: tropical deciduous forests where leafy trees mix with columnar cacti, lots of international artists, wonderful historic architecture at many scales, and a festive culture

Very much hoping it happens!

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