Thursday, May 11, 2006

Endangered Species Day

Today, May 11, is Endangered Species Day, our day to celebrate success in endangered species
protection and recovery. More details at endangeredspeciesday.

Talk of endangered species always reminds me of the summer I spent, after graduating from high school and before heading off to Colorado State University to pursue wildlife biology, studying endangered red-cockaded woodpeckers in central Florida's Ocala National Forest. Many years later I wrote an essay, now online, titled "Living by Fire: A Journey Through Central Florida's Subtropical Forest." I was taking an environmental essay course under Linda Hogan at the University of Colorado when I wrote this, so that must have been 1996/7, though the summer stint as a volunteer wildlife biologist with the U.S. Forest Service was ten years earlier.

I also wrote a poem about that experience, though not about the woodpecker, but rather the "Great White Heron." You can also read that one online, at The Trumpeter.

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