Tuesday, May 23, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

Do you ever think that superheroes---Superman or Wonder Woman, for example---ever just get fed up with the relentless ignorance of the world? It's not enough that they work their supercharged fingers to their molecularly dissimilar bones; but the average, thankless world continues to go about its average, thankless way, completely ignoring the risks all about them. And purposefully doing so, in many cases.

I wonder, too, if Al Gore feels that way. Here's a guy who as U.S. Senator wrote a powerful environmental book, Earth in the Balance, and now releases An Inconvenient Truth, which will probably be the most essential film of our lifetime. Really.

And yet all around people go about their business, which is of course what we do because we all have business to attend to. But Gore and others keep crusading, and what they're crusading against is the average American's ignorance. And also those who, for reasons of greed or fear or both, actively work against preparing for the future that is concluded in the film.

The short-sightedness of not doing anything of any real significance in the face of the largest threat to humanity---global warming---when in a position to actually do something about it is not mere ignorance, however. It is both immoral and endangering. Some might call it murdurous. Yes, I'm talking about the current administration's utter disregard for the sound science behind and likely outcomes of global warming.

Now is the time for leadership, because now---when it's not easy nor necessarily popular---is when a real difference can be made. But it sure seems like it's getting near the end of "now," that folks like Al Gore can only warn us for so long, that superheroes unbeknownst to us can't help but say, "What's the point, when people are not willing to change their behavior. When no policies help them out. When people actively work against this inconvenient truth."

Sadly, if it's only convenience we're after, then we're already doomed.


Suzanne said...

This administration make me sick. In SO many ways. I can't wait to see this movie.

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Amen to that.