Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Survey Results: Online Poetry

The results of's online poetry survey are now available at:

I'll be sending this link to folks who requested survey results this evening.

I wanted to write something clever to start this thread---something monumental, something you didn't know but thought you did, something perhaps from my favorite PBS kids show, Arthur---but I'm out of juice. So instead I'll leave you with this disclaimer:

The methodology and subsequent results of the online poetry survey are in no way scientifically valid, nor unbiased. But they're really interesting, nonetheless.

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LitByFire said...

S- you asked me a long time ago about nature writing ocnferences. Sadly, I don't know of any that are like Glenbrook used to be--before the new age hijack. ASLE has a big conference every other year; I went to the one in Boston and it was very friendly and full of energy but relaxed. Not like the frantic pace of AWP. Every other year they have a smaller conference somewhere. This June it's in Maine and focuses on Maine writers.
There's one in Montana I can't think of the name of, but it's one where you take workshops. Another in Vermont called Wildbranch. If you join ASLE, the newsletter lists announcements for conferences from time to time.
But Allison will know all of this and more, so be sure to ask her.