Friday, June 09, 2006

Backyard Quail Family

We've seen a pair of Gamble's quail in our backyard over the past few weeks, always in the morning. This morning---in fact as I type this right now---that same pair has a covey of chicks in tow! By our count, there are six chicks, each about an inch and a half high. A few photos through the glass of the back door:

Gamble's quail family.

Gamble's quail family.

Gamble's quail family.

These chance encounters with wildlife are one of the reasons I absolutely love Tucson and the Sonoran desert. We see native wildlife in some capacity all the time, and that really is a blessing.

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gina said...

When the quail run across the backyard walls, we say: "there goes lunch!"

These little folks are beautiful.