Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Casa Púrpura Brillante

Now showing: the brilliant purple house! We just had our home in Civano painted, and I must say that---for better or worse---it's now the most boldly colored house in what is already a very colorful neighborhood.

Here's what it looked like until very recently:

And here's what it looks like this morning:

And here are some photos from this evening, which is a better rendering of the colors I think (at least online):

I can honestly say that our house's exterior is now almost as colorful as the interior....!


In other news, we had an awesome thunderstorm move through the area this evening. It's actually rained here and there in the Tucson valley every day since Friday. Could it be that the monsoon has arrived very, very early. That would be most excellent!


Suzanne said...

I LOVE it!

StrawBoss said...

Simmons, I think it's fabulous!! Great choice.