Monday, June 26, 2006

Lunch with Gina

Someone has challenged Gina and I to describe one another after our lunch at AJ's Purveyors of Fine Foods today. I've met Gina only once briefly, at AWP Austin, which both of us agree was overwhelming (AWP was overwhelming, not the meeting of one another, that is; or, well, at least I hope I got that right!).

But rather than describing one another---though I will say that I'm 6'5" and Gina is 5'3" and she did comment how tall am I, so I let her know my wife is 5'1"(!)---I thought I'd throw out instead some of the topics of our very interesting conversation on the outdoor patio beneath cooling misters as we dined on gourmet sandwiches:
  • ghosts
  • house colors in new communities
  • teaching
  • MFA programs
  • other poet bloggers (and you may know who you are...!)
  • putting together a reading with Gina, Eduardo, and I here in Southern Arizona in the next few weeks
  • our poetry mentors as undergrads
  • AWP conferences past and future
  • kids today (well, undergrads and how they do and do not face up to the challenges before them)
  • salaries of assistant professors at the UA business college
  • the costs of watch replacement vs. watch repair
  • my psychic, bi-polar mom
  • online stalkers
  • cameras (as I tried unsuccessfully to evade her camera as I talked)

All in all, a wonderful lunch. Thanks Gina!


Suzanne said...

SO jealous. SO, SO jealous! :-P


jd said...

So what did you conclude regarding house colors in new communities? In Idaho if I painted my house the beautiful color you painted yours, they'd probably burn it down.

Any conclusion on costs of watch replacement versus repair? I finally got tired of replacing watches so I bought one that I know I have to have serviced every two years but it will last until I'm dead.

LitByFire said...

Thank you! C

Simmons B. Buntin said...

JD: We concluded that we're not moving to Idaho. :~) Actually, we concluded that it's a shame not to take advantage of these desert colors and paint houses with those colors. Tan gets old, not to mention it's hard to find the house to begin with. No problem with a purple house, though!

No conclusions on the watch, but we are soliciting donations for its repair. Simply send a $1 bill to:

P.O. Box 19161
Tucson, AZ 85731-9161

And do it quickly so there's time for the repair before Gina heads back east.

Thank you in advance!

jd said...

You take Paypal?

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Alas, I do not. Gina?