Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Not the Monsoon? I Don't Believe It

Regardless, we've had an excellent series of powerful storms move up through Tucson, from Mexico, these last many evenings, and tonight brought the biggest gully washer for us here in Civano so far. A few photos between downpours:

Rainclouds above the Rincon Mountains.
Storm clouds and rain over the Rincon Mountains east of Tucson, and seemingly just down the street.
. . . .

Awesome storm clouds above our house.
Wicked storm clouds above our home as the sun sets to the west.
. . . .

Rain on flagstone pathway.
Rain-soaked flagstone pathway in our side yard, with ocotillo, golden barrel cacti, blue tooth-edged agave, and Cape honeysuckle, among others.
. . . .

A red and green branch against the low gray sky.
Not sure what this juniper-looking shrub is, but I thought it a lovely composition against the low gray sky.
. . . .

Red birds-of-paradise flowers growing in a circle.
Looking straight down the stem of a red bird of paradise reveals a nearly symmetrical circle of blooms against the lush green fernlike leaves.
. . . .

Closeup of red bird of paradise.
Red bird of paradise blooms from a different angle, with a small show of late afternoon sun against the house in the distance.
. . . .

Walking the puddles back home.
Walking the puddles back home: not a bad way to call it a day.
. . . .

The storm is still brewing here and there many hours after taking these photos. That, my friends, is a very big deal down here in the otherwise dusty and dry desert.

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shann said...

beautiful photos! I miss the blue blue sky- we only get that here in winter-

I want the last picture for my second book cover-

guess I'd better get writing...