Thursday, June 15, 2006

Postcard from Ontario, Oregon

Another 600 miles today, and another absolutely gorgeous drive: through Utah's central hills and plains, adjacent to the snow-capped Wasatch Range, past Salt Lake City and the Great Salt Lake (which we could barely see from all the new construction north of the city along I-15); into Idaho along I-84, where I wish we could have stopped for a photo or two as southern Idaho's distant mountains and closer rolling hills, green and yellow, against the billowy clouds and off-and-on-again, sun-filtered rain were really a study in the beauty of contrast. Black-and-white photos would have ideally shown off the varying shadows. Alas, there was much space to cover and no opportunity for a roadside shot.

By late afternoon we reached Ontario, Oregon, about halfway up Oregon's border with Idaho. Not much to say about Ontario (details here), except that it's a little too far south of Hells Canyon National Recreation Area for us to get there and still continue our trek west in the morning. Ah well.

Somewhere south of Brigham City, Utah, however, I was able to cut across a road and parallel railroad tracks, dodging hulking tractor trailers and crazed minivans alike, and snap some photos:

Looking north, parallel to I-15, somewhere south of Brigham City, Utah.
. . . .

The Wasatch Mountains, with a small creek in the foreground. The entire drive was filled with surprisingly green views like this.
. . . .

Yarrow growing out of wild sumac along a creek. In the distance, snow-capped peaks climb from northern Utah into southern Idaho.
. . . .

Tomorrow: Oregon, from the eastern high desert, through the Cascades and the lovely town of Bend, and into our final destination in the Willamette Valley.


jd said...

Beautiful pictures. Looks like a fun trip. You cruising in your Odyssey or Subaru?

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Thanks JD. We're in the Odyssey. Actually, we recently traded in our 02 for an 06, which we like even more.