Sunday, July 02, 2006

Chiricahua National Monument

A neighbor and I took our daughters and one of their friends to Chiricahua National Monument on Saturday. The monument is about 110 miles southeast of Tucson. Once there, we took the three-and-a-half-mile Echo Canyon trail, at about 6,800 feet high, which was absolutely beautiful, climbing through the volcanic columns, clefts, and crevices of the protected land on the edge of the Chiricahua Mountains.

In addition to the geologic wonders and a variety of plant life---including yuccas, Ponderosa pine, alligator juniper, Arizona madrone, blooming red penstemon, and many others---we kept a list of the wildlife we saw: 2 deer, 21 lizards (mostly black-collared lizard), vultures, Mexican (or gray-breasted) jays, ravens, tree and ground squirrels, dozens of diving cliff swallows, and a group of Belgians.

Some color photos:

And some black-and-white photos, as well:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

By the way, Monday, July 3, is lucky wedding anniversary no. 13! We're celebrating by skipping out of work early (so what else is new, it seems...) and taking in a movie with the girls. Billie, I still love thee, and moreso every day!


gina said...

Happy one to you and Billie.

I love these mountains. Haven't been since I was a kid but I'd love to go back.

shann said...

Happy happy anniversary!

Nothing wrong with 13!

I have slides that look a lot like some of those shots- of course they're thirty-five years old-

Suzanne said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Kell said...

I love that you put the color and b/w shots (this is my first visit, so sorry if that's your norm and I'm just now catching up). I was looking at the color shots thinking about how lovely it is and how wonderful it would be to hike that, then I saw the b/w photos and became instantly intimidated. Wonderful shots.

Now I want to go back and read your older posts.

Congrats on your anniversary.

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Thanks all! We had an excellent anniversary indeed. And "Over the Hedge" was an absolute riot!

Gina, had I've known, I would have invited you along! Not sure I'll be able to make another trip before you head back east, unfortunately.

Shann: definitely nothing wrong with 13! It's always been my lucky number.

Thanks (as always) Suzanne!

Kell, welcome to my blog. I saw your note over at J.D.'s, as well. You'll find plenty of photos here, most color. Enjoy!