Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mini Reviews and Echoes

What with the redesign and the family back from Oregon and the all-important viewings of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (twice! and well worth it both times), I haven't had much opportunity to blog lately.

That, and: I've started a series of book/magazine/etc. mini reviews and echoes over on the Forum's "Books Received and Reviewed" area. So far no poetry books, though I promise to get to some soon, including the much-anticipated Pity the Drowned Horses, by Sheryl Luna.

Mostly the reviews have been short quips about the book, followed by or at least including jacket cover comments and/or quotes by others. With some, like Sheryl's, I'll dig in a bit more (and actually read the book).

You don't have to register on the forum to read the reviews, though in the spirit of building up the community there, I'd love it if you did. Either way, stop by!

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