Thursday, July 27, 2006

The reading this evening...

... was wonderful. The poems by Eduardo and Gina---the way they felt as much as read their poems, the way the words lifted from their tongues and filled the room, the courtyard, our waiting souls---were mesmerizing. It was a pleasure and an honor to read with them this evening to a good audience in a really beautiful venue: Casa Libre en la Solana.

Thanks also to Ann and Kristen who run Casa Libre, and to Charlie and Josh who came down from Phoenix and, whether they expected to or not, helped us out tremendously by aiding in setting up and cleaning up.

Some photos. Hopefully, when she returns from the wilds of Mexico, Gina will post some, too:

Eduardo reads with passion from the powerful The Border Triptych.

Gina takes a photo of the audience before her reading.

Gina reads from The Keepsake Storm, her excellent book.


Charles said...

It was great meeting you!!

Suzanne said...

What a gorgeous space, glad to hear it was all fabulous.