Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Is It Too Early to Talk About AWP?

You know: the Association of Writers and Writing Programs crazy-big conference, next up in Atlanta?

Looks like I'll be there, as one of the two proposals I submitted was accepted:

What's the Conversion Rate for Euros? Poets Publishing Abroad
Six American poets who have published poetry books abroad (Ireland, specifically) review the advantages, challenges, and unique circumstances of publishing an English-language book of poems overseas while living in the United States. Areas of focus include finding the publisher (or the publisher finding you), the give-and-take process, marketing and bookselling, working with North American distributors, and more.

The poets are Simmons B. Buntin, Philip Fried, Marck L. Beggs, John Hildebidle, Ron Houchin, and Michael Heffernan, pending any cancellations/changes.

The Terrain.org 10th Anniversary Reading was not accepted, but stars aligned and all that, I'll try for next year, as that will truly be our 10th anniversary!

So shortly I'll be reserving my room, and also trying to decide whether Terrain.org will purchase a table at the bookfair, or I'll just bring loads of flyers and place them here and there as I did in Austin this year. I'll probably go with a table, so long as there's Internet access so I can show the online journal and forums live.

So, who else is coming to Hotlanta which, by the way, is the least dense large city in the world (that being a pretty accurate equation for sprawl)?


Suzanne said...

Whoohoo! Congratulations, Simmons.

shann said...

I'm sad the proposal wasn't accepted but glad one was (Pollyshanna)- if you get a table, I'll help staff it, if you get a room, I'll help occipy it (I'm a very good roommate, not messy or annoying)

IOW I'm going, though I have to clear the dates at church (I have to ask the vestry for my days off)

Eduardo C. Corral said...

I'll be there. Let's have lunch!

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Still trying to decide if I'll do the table at AWP. $300 ain't bad when you've got funding, but we've got no funding, and when you add the hotel, airplane, the cost of Eduardo's lunch, other food, etc. Well, it adds up, so we shall see....

Eduardo C. Corral said...


Simmons B. Buntin said...

Just teasing...!