Saturday, August 05, 2006

Redington Road

This morning my daughters and I took a little trip up a dirt road that runs northeast out of Tucson, along the saddle of mountains between the Santa Catalina and the Rincon Mountains:

We met up with other Subaru owners---new friends Tim and Chris, in Tim's Subaru Forrester (silver), and my old neighborhood buddy Patrick, in his Outback Sport (green). The girls and I were in my beloved Outback (blue).

Redington Road is pretty passable even by regular passenger cars, but we've had so much rain lately that there were some difficult spots due to runoff.

Very much a scenic drive the whole way, and in some places wide and flat (or curvy) enough for "rally" driving.

Looking southeast toward the Rincon Mountains.

Not far from the base of Redington Road is a great little bouldering area. Due to the rains, the plants were lush: flowering ocotillos, swollen saguaros, and many others.

Though we saw a few dark clouds, the weather was pretty perfect, I must say.

By midday the clouds rolled in, creating rolling waves of shadows on the mountains in the distance.

A cloud photo by my older daughter.

We did, somewhat surprisingly, see many varieties of wildflowers. Not carpetfuls, by any means, but enough to stop and photograph, certainly. I don't know what any of these are and am too pressed for time (or lazy) to look them up right now!

A little past prime, and yet I think this photo is the better because of that.

One stem from a four-foot-high shrub, flowering all over the place.

Blue and yellow flowers, in honor of my high school colors (St. John Lutheran High in Ocala, Fla.). Okay, probably not....

Tim's bulldog Proo came along for the ride, and was great fun.

Here, she tries to chase my Outback as we cross the San Pedro River near the hamlet of Redington.

Crossing back over the San Pedro, which was running fairly swiftly but wasn't deep, so was no problem to cross.

In addition to the river, we rifled through every puddle we could find, as evidenced by Patrick's Outback Sport in the foreground.

We knew one way to get ourselves a bit cleaner, though, so drove back on the same road, to reach...

A stream running across the paved portion of Redington Road at the road's base. Good fun kicking the turbo in there!


jd said...

There is no better thrill than driving through a river or creek is there? The absolute best part about offroading in my opinion.

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Yes, definitely!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this info! I just googled Reddington Road to see if that would be a fun (but obviously longer) way to return to Phoenix from Tucson.... particularly since there has been a lot in the paper about flooded out roads in that area from the summer rains. Very nice pictures and descriptions and timely info!....