Monday, September 25, 2006

I am not a good blogger.

I am not a good blogger.
I am not a good blogger.
I am not a good blogger.

But in my defense, I warned you a month ago it may come to this: my absence, now confirmed.

So a few quick updates before, seemingly, I don't report back again for another couple weeks:
  • I read last Friday evening at Casa Libre again, this time as part of the UA MFA WIP (works in progess) Series. First time I've read non-fiction to an audience. Good fun.
  • The family and I saw the off-Broadway production of "The Lion King" here in Tucson on Saturday. Wow. I mean: WOW! Absolutely stunning, in all capacities. Worth each of four $75 tickets.
  • I'm off to Moab, Utah for the Orion Grassroot Network's Colorado River Convergence on Friday. Back on Sunday. Wish I had more time up there to snap some photos and find some crunchy roads for the Outback, which I'll be driving. Taking my neighbor and buddy Rich Michal, and picking up Arizona State University professor Joni Adamson in Phoenix. I'll try to post some photos, if I can take some.
  • I'm participating in Fantasy Football for the first time, and I must say I'm pretty terrible at it. My draft picks were too allegiant to my alma mater (Auburn University), for starters.
  • But Auburn continues to roll in the college football scene, with a good challenge coming up at South Carolina on Thursday evening. I should be able to catch the second half of the game after class.
  • Speaking of which, every book in "The Literatures of Science" has so far been excellent. Well, Paul Martin's Twilight of the Mammoths could have been more literary, I suppose, but it was still very interesting. Matt Ridley's Genome, which I'm reading right now, is just blowing me away.
  • Great "Butterflies of Civano" lecture and slideshow as part of the Civano Speakers Series last evening.

Tally ho.

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shann said...

Don't feel guilty- once a month is fine.

All sounds well, looks GREAT and I've been sending people there.

besides , it's 75 and bluesky here in Richmond, I can't be upset ant anyone, even bad bloggers (which you aren't)