Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Missing Folks

I just took a whirlwind tour around the blogger world, which I haven't done for months it seems, and I'm missing you good folks out there. I'm hoping I get the chance to blog a bit more after the semester's over, after December 1 or thereabouts. I've been writing and most certainly reading lots, but still have a 20-page essay to write, due November 30. It'll be on jaguars in Southern Arizona. Excited about that one.

Two poems of mine are in the current issue of The Manhattan Review, if you get a chance to see that fine journal. I need to send some nonfiction out, too. Any suggestions for journals I should submit to? I have four essays that I think are pretty much ready to go, each fairly different: "The Bells of San Borja," "Vulpes Civano," "My Neighbor's Bird," and "Roundabout: A Requiem in Ten Parts." I think the last one is the strongest (and at 15 pages is also the longest). I'm tempted to post each of ten parts here, one part a day or thereabouts, but since I'm hoping to publish it I guess that's probably not wise. Thoughts?

Created a new bathtime song for the girls today:

No having fun
and no smiling,
No getting wet
and no drying.

It was a great bath for the two little cuties, of course!


Deborah Fries said...

Hi, Simmons

My 2005 Best American Essays collection features essays from the expected publications -- New Yorker, Harper's, The Atlantic, but the ones that you might check out that published essays about place and nature included "River Teeth," "Southern Humanities Review," "North American Review," Missouri Review" and "Flyway."

I, too have been a busy person but uninspired blogger this fall.

Congratulations on getting more good work out there!


* said...

I found your blog informative and well done.
Jim Harp
Near Seattle.