Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Crossing & MFA/AWP Conflict

We're back from Alamos, where we had a lovely time, despite the four-and-a-half-hour border crossing at Nogales, tacked on top of the day's ten-hour drive. Photos will follow.

On to a different note: Upon my return I found a new response to my ten-month-old AWP Day 2 post. The panelist, whom I singled out for her seeming unpreparedness, is not pleased with my response to her, the panel in general, or my thoughts on MFAs at AWP, the latter of which she takes out of context. See for yourself, if so inclined:

I repeat my last line here, as this is really what it's all about: "Reading aloud is an art in and of itself, and as writers we must master that, as well." If the reading was excellent, it would have been so noted.

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shann said...

wow- I'm with you-

I recently introduced a poet (I had nothing to do with the choice of poets, I was asked to introduce) whose work includes a few long and rambling narratives. In the context of a 30 minute reading, the poet 'performed' teo of them. In a tedious almost monotone, she underwhelmed all except family members and sycophants.

I don't know whether it was her 'style' or what she had been taught, but it was dreadful.

I wanted to grab her poems and read them in her place, even a cold reading would have been better.

I never have been able to understand why people think being disorganized, unprepared, and then having the vanity to think thay don't need to engage the audience can help their poetry.