Monday, January 22, 2007

Desert Snow

We got a whopping three inches of snow down here in the Sonoran desert last night---not quite breaking a 30-year record but still among the heaviest drops in quite some time.

Yesterday afternoon started out thusly:

By morning:

So I grabbed the girls and we headed out for a morning of fun, the long way around to Saguaro National Park East:

In the trusty Subaru Outback, of course:

Won't you take a stroll with us to enjoy the snowy desert views?

Even if the girls wouldn't have had the morning off (and we made it back withthismuchtimetospare), I think we would have had to sneak out, anyway:


Writing and Creativity said...

Wonderful photos!

- Kelly in Nebraska

gina said...

Oh Simmons thanks so much for these photos. So beautiful. I'm only sorry I missed seeing it happen in person. Say hi to all your girls for me. And yes, see you at AWP.


Steven D. Schroeder said...

You can have some of our snow if you'd like. :-)

Cinbin said...

Wow! Those are so amazing! I love that you got Saguaro East, the last time it snowed like this and stuck that I remember was on Christmas in 1987, and my mom worked there and we took a 4-wheel drive out there, brought back memories!!

jd said...

Stunning photographs. Subaru looks good tinged with white. I'm all for pulling kids out of school on days like that. One should never let school interfere with their child's education.

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Well said JD!


I grew up in wisconsin, and I've never seen snow so beautiful! Thanks for sharing these.

shann said...

hey! this is great- it snowed at some point when I was out there (67-71) somewhere in the attic i have my ex-husband's slides.

The following spring was the most beautiful ever.

No, I'm not going to get to AWP after all- I might have justified it if I'd had a reason (other than 'I want to') but job stuff has changed a little and I'm stuck here. Next time, maybe!