Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Me and Grace Cavalieri and Jane Hirshfield and Dorianne Laux, Oh My!

Okay kiddies, scrabble out right now and purchase the April 2007 (yes, it's at newsstands now) issue of Writer's Digest, where you'll find a lovely little article/interview series by Michael J. Vaughn titled "Poetic Sustenance." The tagline: "Don't be shy about getting your poetry out into the world. Here, four renowned poets weigh in on how to market this expressive form."

And I'm one of the four, of all people! Who'd of thunk it? Seriously, to be listed with Grace Cavalieri, Jane Hirshfield, and Dorianne Laux is an honor indeed.

Plus, as if that isn't enough, there's a good blurb on Terrain.org, too.

All that, and on the same day the custom front skid plate arrived for my Subaru Outback and I finished reading (again) my favorite book of all time, Ed Abbey's Desert Solitaire.

Some days just shine, don't they?


jd said...

I look forward to reading the WD article. Congrats. So where are you going to go skidding at?

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Thanks JD. I think my next crunchy road adventure will be to southern New Mexico, where at the end of March and into April the wildflowers are supposed to be pretty great this year.

Suzanne said...

Niiiice! Way to go, Simmons!