Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Political Compass

While researching theories on linear and cyclical time for an essay I'm working on, I came across Andreas Lloyd's blog, Og så alligevel… which is Danish for “and yet in spite of all.” Andreas has written an interesting paper titled "Technology and Western Perception of Time."

On his blog, though, I found a link to the Political Compass, where you can---through a series of questions spanning six pages---plot yourself on a graph of political positioning. Where do you fall in comparison, say, to Ghandi, Stalin, or Thatcher? Where are you on the left-right, authoritarian-libertarian matrix?

I recommend visiting this interesting survey. If the old adage that we become more conservative with age is true, then I'm a definite outlier to the data, because based on my responses, I'm about as left and libertarian (though I am certainly not Libertarian with a capital L) as I can get. Part of that, no doubt, is my recent reading of Ed Abbey's Desert Solitaire, which brings out the wily anarchist in me. Something I admit I enjoy thinking about more than acting upon. Two other factors are my reaction to our current, right-wing presidential administration (and subsequent exclusionary domestic and foreign policies) and my academic training and neighborhood experience in urban and regional planning.

Specifically, I'm located on the compass at Economic Left/Right: -8.00 and Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.62, somewhat left and south of Ghandi.

Definite food for thought; definitely worth the investigation (be sure, too, to explore their rankings of the candidates for the U.S. presidential election in 2004, or the trends of UK's political parties over the years: fascinating):

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A. D. said...

Very interesting.

I'm hanging out near the Dalai Lama.