Thursday, March 15, 2007

Organ Mountains, New Mexico

The Organ Mountains are about the coolest Southwestern mountains I have seen, and when coupled with nearby White Sands and Mesilla (see below) make Las Cruses a location definitely worth returning to. In fact, I think we're heading back that way in May or June; it's only a bit over three hours from Tucson!

Some photos from Wednesday evening:

The road to Dripping Springs, about ten miles east of Las Cruces.

The dirt road that my Outback liked even more (even though, I hate to say, that same dirt road and a bit of reckless nighttime driving by yours truly later in the evening resulted in about $600 in forthcoming bumper repair...).

The Organ Mountains from the east. They are just as cliffy, craggy, gorgeous from both sides.

As is often the case on wildflower photography excursions, Scott Calhoun was my partner in crime. We also traveled with my youngest daughter, and his wife and daughter.

The wildflowers were few and far between, but given the backdrop, fairly spectacular nonetheless.

As evening approached, the mountains took on a yellow, then orange, then blood red glow. This shot is taken with my telephoto lens.

After the wide dirt road, we found a thinner, much chunkier road that gave some small amount of cause to celebrate the newly installed skidplate.

About now my older daughter is saying to me: Dad, you're obsessed with your car. More obsessed with the places it can take me, I'd say.

Yuccas take the camera's flash as the last lights of the day hang in the clouds.

Not a bad way to end the evening.

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shann said...

I love your photos, even when I have to play catch-up to see them all!