Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring Break

'Tis spring break here in the sunny Sonoran desert, and the girls and I are off to New Mexico for a couple days later this week: camping and photography. I think we'll hit Rockhound State Park and White Sands National Monument, but that's all we'll have time for. We're traveling with good friend Scott Calhoun and his wife and daughter.

Scott is my compatriate of last year's Baja trip, and the Pinacate photo excursion the year before. His family also joined us on this winter's Alamos trip. Scott's new book, Chasing Wildflowers, is due out later this month. Pick up a copy and you'll see that on these trips, inevitably I become his comical sidekick. Ah well, I have my versions of the stories, too. But they're much less interesting than his versions!


Good news: Two of my poems, "In May I Consider My Websites" and "Angelfish," were accepted by Isotope: A Journal of Literary Nature and Science Writing, which is a favorite read of mine. Naturally, I'm delighted.


So the Writer's Digest interview and journal callout appears to be bringing some good, if not slightly odd, notariety to I say slightly odd because today we received three hard copy submissions---we only accept online submissions, mind you---that are about as, um, interesting as any I could imagine. Not graphic, thankfully, just, well, perplexing. So if anyone reading this is considering submitting, please do follow our guidelines and submit online.


We had five tons of "desert gold" gravel delivered to the back alley today, to shovel, rake, spread, and fill across the yard (no grass here in our desert yard). It didn't look like five tons until I started moving it this afternoon. Now my arms feel like they weigh a ton each.


I saw plenty, too many, wonderful literary journals at AWP this year. Two worth mentioning: Alimemtum: The Literature of Food, and A Public Space. Speaking of AWP, I'm submitting two proposals for panels for AWP in NYC next Jan/Feb, and definitely plan on having a table and separate reading.


Look for New Mexico photos upon my return....


Justin Evans said...


I love Isotope. I had a poem of mine published there ages ago when it was called Petroglyph.


Steven D. Schroeder said...

Cool deal on the publications and the notoriety! :)

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Thanks much gentlemen!