Monday, March 05, 2007

Swimmin' with the Fish

Visited Atlanta's Georgia Aquarium on Saturday afternoon. Some photos and commentary:

One of the big draws is the pair of massive whale sharks. This is from a tube beneath which one swims, with rays.

Here's the tail of the large fellow, who always had a school of yellow fish (see below) with him.

This is the Georgia Aquarium's largest single aquarium. Fast and slow fish alike.

And fish big enough to eat a small boy, or two or three.

Red lights cast an eerie presence on these dungeoness crabs. If you don't like arachnids, even the watery types, please scroll down!

Ah, how many of us remember the Raffi song "Baby Beluga?" Here we have a couple adults.

Jellyfish backlit with fluorescent lights (I remember a similar display 15 years ago at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, as well; just as cool many years later).

Across the hall, some blue fellows that defied sharp focus (for my camera and eye both).

A swirling, whirling crazy mix of African cichlids greeted us at the "River Scout" area, where...

We walk beneath a Southern river, which was one of the unique and very cool parts of the Aquarium.

A crucifix of toothy fish greet us at one point, and give me the chills....

Back to the tropical coral reefs, where I met a friendly clownfish in anemone.

This sea turtle was also friendly, and quite curious of the odd bipedal creatures outside the glass.

What exactly does a fish think about; and is there an individual soul or a shared soul for schooling fish? I'll leave you with those questions.


Deborah Fries said...

Now I know where the best time was to be had in Atlanta -- backlit jellyfish more beautiful and unexpected than prose, anemones more delicate than poems.

It was great to see you!

shann said...

hooray! some Atlanta pictures not of poets!!!

I love Atlanta!