Monday, April 16, 2007

Dying Bees: A Found Poem

These are direct lines, in order, of search terms on this blog during 2007, from Google Analytics. The leading term is the poem's title, and the lines---while in order---do not include every entry; just the more interesting ones. I've combined some simple-phrase lines---those are divided by ampersands. Other punctuation has also been added (and any word between [here], too). I suppose this is my entry for National Poetry Month!

"Dying Bees"

cordon cactus & polar bears,
mexican fire barrel cactus:
libertarian matrix: dying bees.
pictures of goats new mexico &
alamos deer vetch & gamble's quail covey.
miss dandylion said I wasn't
"made for loving you."
u2 songs with the word salmon in them:
[a] fatal train wreck in june or july 2006:
baby beluga tucson,
ostrich bite,
death of my mother.
how to store clean pee for ua submission?
enfp + arrogance?
bees disappearing bible
poetry mountains wildflowers---
elizabeth bishop's stylistic traits---
libido cafe.
a. r. ammons, poetry beautiful woman:
bees dying in arizona.
iambic petameter johnny cash &
nylons slideshow &
going back to bisbee [for]
tooth-edged leaves picture
& pointy plants for the front yard.
Bees dying new mexico.
alligator juniper, arizona desert?
wallace stevens a rabbit as king of the ghosts?
ye auld dubliner tucson:
austin grackles:
simmons b. buntin.


That about brings us to a singular conclusion: it's time to go home.

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Lauren said...

that is absolutely stunning. just fabulous. I especiallylike "wallace stevens a rabbit as king of the ghosts?" and "miss dandylion said i wasn't made for loving you."
do you have statcounter? that also provides hours of endless entertainment.