Monday, April 30, 2007

Desert Wildflowers : Blue

Blue wildflowers are fairly rare in this part of the Sonoran desert, with the exception of some bluebells and lupine, both past prime now. However, the yards around here have a number of species of sage that have lovely shades of blue. To whit:

A detailed view of a dainty sage in our front yard. Not sure of the common name.

Another view here. It's great fun to watch house and goldfinches alight on the then stems, making the flowers droop to the ground, where the birds dip their heads into the flowers, after nectar.

Both red and blue sage here, in the yard right aross the street. The white, daisy-like flowers are spreading fleabane.

Not quite sure what this is, but another sage, probably. The water is reclaimed irrigation water, which most of the yards and all of the parks and other common areas in our Civano neighborhood use for landscaping.

I should know what this flowering beauty is, but I admit I don't. It's either chia, delphinium, a desert mint, a type of penstemon, or another sage. A lot of help I am, eh?

It certainly glows when backlit, though.

Very distinct flowers and stem placement, too. Doesn't make me blue, at all.

Tomorrow we'll fade over to green---mostly green leaves and branches and, I think, my daughter in a green dress in a neighbor's garden.

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