Thursday, April 26, 2007

An Evening at the Fair

Quality time with my girls and the Canon IS 300 zoom lens this evening at the Pima County Fair:

Not a bad way to spend a warm spring evening.


Cinbin said...

Wow, these photos are amazing, do you have a fancy camera or is this just using a digital? The night shots are really great.

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Thanks Cindy. It'a a moderately fancy camera, in that it's a digital SLR (Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT). But the lens is what makes the photos; it's a Canon 100-300 IS (image stabilizer) for digital cameras. Thanks for stopping by!

shann said...

what beautiful girls!!

you are sooooooooooo fortunate, and thepictures are fine, fine, fine!

The one of them laughing is worth a million dollars IMO