Saturday, April 07, 2007

Go Fly a Kite

The next time someone tells you, "Go fly a kite," take him or her up on it. With a friend and his daughters, my daughters and I went to our local park and flew kites this evening. Great fun; and the first time I've flown kites in a long time. Some photos, followed by an old poem of mine:

If a Spider Can

She spills her golden silk against the wind:
miles of drifting line

are free until, latching the broken reeds,
she is anchored. Perhaps the delicate

spider will catch a black fly, or a moth.
Perhaps midge or brown darner.

But in that chaotic beauty of web, the light
geometry of thread and wind,

there is more. She eyes the red-winged
blackbird. Her silver orbs focus on belted

kingfisher. She dances madly
on thoughts of gallinule.

Beyond the sawgrass a boy leans
against the wind as his kite climbs:

if the golden twine is long enough
perhaps he can tangle a gull.

Perhaps he’ll snare the arcing jet.

~ ~ ~

Happy Easter!

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