Tuesday, May 29, 2007

4 MeMe

This is my single response to various emails and blogs requesting "4 things about me." I'm supposed to then forward this to 4 people, but instead I'm just posting it here, for ease of use and to avoid the demons of spam.

4 jobs I've held:
  • Wildlife Biologist, U.S. Forest Service (volunteer)
  • Associate Program Manager, U.S. Global Change Research Program
  • Energy Services Program Manager, Western Area Power Administration
  • Courtesy Clerk, Florida Choice Food & Drug, and Kroger

4 places I've lived:

  • Ocala, Florida
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Auburn, Alabama
  • Tucson, Arizona

4 places I've been on vacation:

  • Thunder Bay and Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, Canada
  • Russia (from the Finland border, through [then] Leningrad to Moscow to Irkutsk to Novosibirsk to Vladivostok: across the Trans-Siberian Express)
  • Japan (including Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Hiroshima on the 4oth anniversary of the a-bomb)
  • Scandinavia (all of them: Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland)

4 favorite foods:

  • Chile rellenos, especially from that wonderful cafe on the square in Tecata, Baja California Norte
  • Fish tacos, or rather tacos de pescado, especially from that wonderful restaurant La Hamaca in Bahia de los Angeles, Baja California Norte
  • Loaded combination pizza, with such an excellent thin crust, from Wazee Supper Club in Denver, Colorado
  • Alder-smoked salmon fish and chips from Walnut Brewery in Boulder, Colorado

4 places I'd rather be (all with the family, of course; these are places I haven't yet been):

  • On the Harry Potter "magical tour" through England and Scotland
  • New Zealand
  • Victoria, British Columbia
  • Switzerland

4 blogs I find intellectually stimulating, or at least check regularly (this is a tough one, hard to limit it to 4, so don't be offended if your blog isn't listed, okay?):

Now perhaps I will not continue to be harassed by these emails? I know, I know: that's unlikely.


Suzanne said...

Wow. I feel so fancy. Thank you. And you've had some very interesting jobs and vacations.

jd said...

Thanks for the compliment. How I wish I could find some decent fish tacos in Idaho. You have an amazingly varied background. That is what makes your blog so interesting.