Thursday, May 03, 2007

Desert Wildflowers : Orange

For the longest time, orange was my favorite color---especially on cars, which is probably explained by the fact that my pre-teen years were during the 1970s, when an orange Corvette was a dream beyond dreams. I'm not sure whether orange is now the new pink, but it certainly suits these cacti and other desert plants well:

This may be my favorite photo of the whole lot. This is an orange tuna cactus, native to Mexico, but growing well against the wall of our backyard, alley-side. If plants and animals could be one species, maybe this is it---the flower petals have a definite, wide-feathered angle of flight to them, I think.

Here's a macro shot of the same orange tuna cactus flower, ripe with pollen I can only (and sadly) assume is so laden because of the serious lack of bees this spring. That, friends, is a concern of Michael Crichtonish proportions, I fear.

The same flower once again, this time backlit with morning light, a fleshy candle flaring through the day.

This is not one flower, but like lantana, a whole host of flowers at the bulbous tip of a stem. It's a butterfly bush, though I'm not otherwise sure of the specifics.

Indian blanket, maybe? Or a Gerbera daisy, perhaps? Not sure, but not a Sonoran desert native, even though it's fairly abundant in some neighbors' yards.

This cane or staghorn cholla is definitely a Sonoran desert native, however. And we're still not through the whole range of bloom colors we're seeing this year. Amazing!

A prickly pear bloom in the afternoon, when it starts fading from the day's heat (though it's not too warm just yet).

Another shot of the same prickly pear. If you're familiar with fancy tulips, the comparison is easy.

Another cane cholla bloom, ranging into the orange-red-brown spectrum.

Back to a "traditional" prickly pear, now, with the first bloom of this particular pad.

Wrapping orange up with a neighbor's garden gate, hung with New Mexico red chile peppers and a courtyard full of flowering beauties.


The colors continue through the weekend, so come back ya'll, you hear? We're flushed with red tomorrow, then purple to close out the week.

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Your pictures are wonderful!