Sunday, May 06, 2007

Desert Wildflowers : Purple

If purple is the color of royalty, at least historically, then that's not a bad way to end this desert wildflower rainbow series:

I'm fairly certain that this tropical beauty is not indigenous to the Sonoran desert, but that's not keeping it from growing well in my neighbor's gardenlike front yard.

The velvety buds of a desert willow, the orchidlike flowers of which can range from pale lavendar to deep fuscia.

This vibrant purple verbena is growing quite randomly from between two flagstone stepping stones in our side yard. But with flowers like these, it's well worth stepping over or around.

Not quite sure what these small, grouped lilies are. If they're native, probably covena, but I suspect they're not quite native---which as usual doesn't stop them, with enough water, from growing well here.

The small flower of a Texas ranger, a bush sage, which blooms lightly in spring and then a bit more heavily, usually, in the fall.

Gooding's verbena grows readily, spreading rapidly in spring and dying back in the heat of the summer to regrow again in the cooler months, or with enough water just after the midsummer monsoon.

Mexican sage is one of my favorite desert plants, and hummingbirds like them quite a lot, too. The plants can grow to four or more feet high, with flower stalks rising ten inches or more beyond that.

Gregg's mist, waiting patiently for the first of the queen butterflies, which haven't yet discovered our patch again this season.

Another shot of Gregg's mist, against the purple backdrop of our garage wall.


All in all, another glorious spring here in the desert. Now that it's May, the temperatures are heating up and the flowering season is coming to and end---sort of. One of the great things about living in the desert is that there is always one plant or another blooming any time of year. I'm thinking of torch and barrell and saguaro cactus, which bloom for a short period over the summer, and desert willow and red bird of paradise, which bloom all summer long, and lantana and Baja fairy duster, and.... Well, there will be other opportunities to share desert wildflower photos, that's for sure.


jd said...

Beautiful photos. I am partial to the red flowers, although the Gooding's verbana is stunning.

Suzanne said...

These are such gorgeous shots -- all of the colors -- thanks for the show.

Simmons B. Buntin said...

And thank ye kindly for visiting!

The Belts said...

Absoultely beautiful photos! Any limited edition prints available? Sure makes me miss the desert! Spring greetings to the whole family from ours. Soley

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Thanks Soley. How are you guys? I think prints could be available, if you're interested. I'm burning a couple onto CD for someone here at work to hang up in her office, in fact. Let me know which you're interested, and I can get the electronic files for you!