Saturday, May 05, 2007

Desert Wildflowers : Red

While red may be the color of anger, for desert wildflowers it's more the color of passion, as hummingbirds and other pollinators will attest to. So here's a little passion on a Saturday morning:

A couple Asian poppies from my neighbor's backyard, alley-side. The red is so vibrant that the flowers appear to be floating, stemless.

One of my favorite (non-native) backyard plants is our pineapple guava, on which this bloom appears. Unfortunately, it's also one of the slowest growing, and has yet to produce guavas even though it has flowered every spring for six years now. The flower petals are edible, and my daughters love pulling them off to lick the sweetness. Hmm, maybe that's why the guava has not produced fruit?!

Scarlet monkeyflowers, which by now have reseeded themselves and grow wildly along the shadier side of our house. In the wild, they grow in moist canyons and desert grottoes of the desert Southwest.

Indian blanket in my neighbor's front yard.

Another Indian blanket, this one well past flower prime.

I'm not sure what this is---some kind of bottle brush, I think. It's a tree across the street, but also resembles desert bird-of-paradise in its bloom, just a bit.

Ocotillo blooms have been more orange than scarlet this year, providing a fiery flower at the tip of green-leafed rods.

Prickly pear pre-bloom. After the flowers open and then fall, the buds turn to purple fruit, which makes candy and jam and a lovely fuscia margarita!

Yet another cane cholla bloom color, similar to those shown on the first day of this series, violet, but a tad more red.

Violet, orange, red---ah, it's so hard to choose when there are so many lovely cholla bloom colors!

It must be difficult for the bees and other pollinators to choose, too, no?

A small red flower that looks like a tea rose (but I don't think it is) from our neighbor's front yard. It quite glows in the afternoon light.

Tomorrow brings this rainbow series to a close, with purple.

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