Thursday, June 14, 2007

Road Trip: Day 1

A pleasant 730-mile drive from Tucson to Amarillo today. Not many stops---for photos, anyway---but snapped a few here and there:

For example, here's dad, in his infamous "Republicans for Voldemort" t-shirt. At least once today someone asked me who Voldemort is....

My wife Billie doesn't much like it when I drive and take photos at the same time, as I did here a bit north of Elephant Butte in New Mexico, along I-25; but I practice drive-and-photo safely. Usually.

We always take the time-saving cutoff from Deming to Hatch, New Mexico. Hatch is the world capital of chili peppers.

From mountains to flatlands, here's a photo from 40 or so miles west of Amarillo. If you squint---I mean really truly squint---you may be able to see the wind farm in the distance. And those clouds? Well, we'll be driving into the heart of those thunderstorms in Oklahoma tomorrow, on our way to a night in St. Louis or thereabouts. Here's hoping for mostly dry sailing.

And of course, our most precious cargo! My two girls, and their cousin, my sister's son from Los Angeles, making the trip with us.

Day 1 logged and a great success. If tomorrow is as stormy as the Weather Channel is promising, I may not post photos. But I'm hoping that the next day we'll have time enough to visit the St. Louis Gateway Arch, which I've only seen from a distance.


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